Hans L Zetterberg, present and past

At 86 he is still active as a social scientist, now in private practice together with his wife, Karin Busch Zetterberg. They are partners in ValueScope AB, a consultancy in social research. He also continues his occasional participation in the public debate in Sweden. 

He has previously taught sociology at Columbia University in The City of New York and at Ohio State University, where he was Chairman of the Sociology Department. He has also been a publisher of scholarly books (Bedminster Press), the first chief executive of a foundation (The Tri-Centennial Fund of the Bank of Sweden), a long-time pollster and market researcher (Sifo AB), and the editor-in-chief of a national Swedish newspaper (Svenska Dagbladet). 

His current projects include the book manuscripts:  The Many-Splendored Society (4 of seven volumes published) and Gallup Goes International. They reflect his two major intellectual interests: social theory and public opinion research.

Full curriculum vitae.

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