I        The liberal, conservative, and socialist roots of sociology, including Saint-Simon and Marx


Saint-Simon: sociologist and ethical socialist
Marx and "scientific" socialism
Contemporary Marxism
Social Democracy
Sociology and socialism 

II        Rationalism and capitalism: Max Weber

Max Weber's life
The inexorability of rationalisation
The triumph of reason
Life spheres
On capitalism
On religion 

III      Oligarchy in organisations: Robert Michels

Socialist intellectual from the bourgeoisie
Theory of oligarchy 

IV     Elites: Vilfredo Pareto

Aristocrat of the intelligentsia
Circulation of the elites
The Latin school 

V      Social differentiation and anomie: Émile Durkheim

Two predecessors: Maine and Tönnies
Durkheim's life
The overwhelming society
Division of labour
Theory of anomie